How do Project creators receive funds?

Paypal pledges will be transferred immediately to your account if you’re on a flexi-fund Project. When you are raising money through the fixed funding project them it may take up to 14 days for the funds to be transferred (we always attempt to process these in the same day though).

Bitcoin pledges will be transferred to the owner’s wallet within 14 days of the project ending. 


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    David Naharnowicz

    Went to your meet up at the bar and grill yesterday . My tech / pc skills are dinausaur like so I am slowly digesting your site and have a newly acquired card to redeem donated by your good selves yesterday . Have a load of ideas I have been wrestling with on a social level so i guess I am at the pre concept stage of thinking here . You appear to have an ethical funding system and credit union all together here which on the face of it looks very healthy . thank you Start coin for the do yesterday and sharing it with me ta, Dave Bananas Plumstead london

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