What's the difference between "Concepts" & "Projects"?

Some ideas take a bit longer to blossom, so we’ve introduced the development phase for our project starters called “Concepts”.

Concepts are there so that a project starter can gauge interest and gain feedback from the community during the early stages of a project.

Projects” are the fully formed concepts and are open to backing from the crowd, often offering rewards for pledges.


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    Loren Mitchell

    "Bit Diligence" Crypto Credibility to the World


    Concept is to bring credibility to Bitcoin by hiring a panel of blockchain developers to report on issues relating to Bitcoin.  A regular update on specific issues to be reported so the public see due diligence done with regard to the credibility of Bitcoin and the blockchain.  

    By regular updates and easy to understand updates about the concerns developers have the average guy gains confidence in using and investing in the crypto.  We are building credible easy to understand experts in the world of crypto - kind of an oversight committee.  

    With all the naysaying about crypto from mainstream and even former Bitcoin developers we can begin to understand the Saftey and strength of Bitcoin not only as the current Bitcoin community but also to the public domain.  Maybe have a you tube channel with weekly reporting or something.  


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    Loren Mitchell

    Brief Updates - videos and interview showing Bitcoin in Action

    Have subjects and interview vendors, big company executives using Bitcoin. Public opinion through education.  

    Whats new in startup in Bitcoin world regularly shown in video report.  Professional auditing companies and entrepreneurs interviewed about their confidence in Bitcoin and it's real viability for use in the real world.  

    Make available through website basic wallets and retail Bitcoin user tools, debit cards etc.  Have helpline with techs set up Bitcoin usage for clients/viewers.  Develop basic menu of Bitcoin tools for use by individuals and business.  Offer business services and advice for using crypto.

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