How do I get StartCOIN?

  1. Convert Bitcoin and other coins to StartCOIN

    Instantly convert Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, Quark, plus other coins to StartCOIN using ShapeShift

  2. Buy StartCOIN using a UK bank transfer

    Bittylicious UK digital currency trading - Fast and Secure

  3. Convert Bitcoin to StartCOIN or trade other digital currencies

    Bittrex is a crypto-currency exchange designed with security and scalability in mind

  4. Receive free StartCOIN

    Active users of StartJOIN will receive free StartCOIN

    Also... the more you do, the more you are rewarded. We know that interactions enable changes, so every week StartCOIN pledgers and the users who have more than 100 in their account receive free coins.


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    Adi Arifianto

    awesome coin

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    carmen korjov

    I purchased startcoins yesterday but I forgot to confirm with bittylicious (the form that comes up to tell you who to pay) that payment had been sent. No coins have appeared in my account still. I think this is what has gone wrong. What should I do? Newby help! Most grateful if anyone can tell me what to do!

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    carmen korjov

    Cant confirm payment now as that info has been lost although I have the reference number

  • Avatar
    Gonggo O

    how long i get free start coin

  • Avatar
    Bayu Saputra

    how to get free startcoin ?

  • Avatar
    Ray Clarke

    What defines an active member of Startjoin?

    Does pledging money to any of the causes or crowdfunding campaigns profiled on Startjoin define an "active member?"

  • Avatar
    Arthur Savage

    How do / can we in : Aotearoa- Nui Tirini aka New Zealand join into StartJOIN and begin trading

  • Avatar
    Alexis Troncoso

    I purchased startcoins today at bitrex, how can I have my startcoins in my balance in the startcoin community??

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    Norbert Barigye

    Hi friends,

    I bought about 5582 startcoins using shapeshift on the 21st of March 2017.

    However, the startcoin wallet I moved the coins to isnt accessible as it keeps showing 'no block source available'. And that it is 118 weeks behind

    The Startcoin wallet is a Windows wallet V.


    What should I do? I am confused


    The coins are even showing on the startcoin explorer however the wallet is taking long to update from the block because there isnt any source available




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