How do StartCOIN rewards work?

StartJOIN rewards you for taking part in the community. The more you do, the more we reward you with our very own digital currency, StartCOIN.

The more that you use StartCOIN then the more free StartCOIN you will receive. We call this your karma score.


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    Gonggo O

    how long i get free startcoin

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    Yos Ginting

    I really like the idea of StartJOIN to encourange the use of StartCOIN, but what is the formula used to calculate how much free StartCOIN to be given away every week? Is it a fixed percentage of the amount of StartCOIN spent? How is "the more you do, the more reward" calculated? Many Thanks.

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    Andrew Moore

    How do I acquire a START-COIN where do I get a START-COIN how do I obtain a START-COIN

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